Oxygen is one of the five essential elements in life. It provides vitality and energy to all cells. When oxygen levels are low, the immune gets weaker. The aging process is associated with lower oxygen levels in the skin cells. In addition, blood is the oxygen carrier, leading it to all parts of the body. Supplying power to all systems. It also stimulates their chemical reactions and helps the body to get rid from toxins and other harmful agents.

Oxygentherapy is an innovative system that repairs and rejuvenates the skin by applying PURE MEDICAL OXYGEN.
This system deliver oxygen together with skin treatment , and allows active ingredients to get to deeper layers of skin. Revitalizes tissues by oxygen and active ingredients “Transcutaneous perfusión”

• Skin Regeneration.
• Erase wrinkles and fine lines.
• tonifies and strengthen.
• Greta results on acné treatments.
• Moisturizing action.
• Collagen production.
• Avoid free radical damages.
• Pores reduction.
• Fade existing spots.
• Improves blood microcirculation.
• Improves supporting tissues elasticity.
• Activates the immune system.
• Anti-stress effects.

Oxygen can be combined with microdermabrasion treatments, chemical peeling and before and after photorejuvenation treatment.


The result are visble from the begining of the treatment. Oxigen helps to soften wrinkles and increases the tissues elasticity and that means that skin regains its healthy, velvety and radiant appearance.


Products for all types of skin.
Not GMO (not genetically modified)
No BSE (no component of animal origin)


Hyaluronic Acid: Maintains natural moisture, eliminates signs of fatigue and improves tone and elasticity of the skin.
NATURAL EXTRACTS AND VITAMIN E: Vitamin E and ginseng, apple, peach, wheat and barley that prevents damage from pollution and UV radiation.
Allantoin: regenerates, soothes, smoothes and repairs sensitive and irritable skins.
FRUIT AHAs and glycolic acid: It has a powerful exfoliating action and activates cell regeneration.
Both products together release O2 at skin level. The veil allows excellent skin permeability and penetration of O2 into the deeper layers of the skin.


Gel 17ml + 1 Veil


Paraben free. No allergenic fragrance. Dermatologically tested.

Active O2 for transdermal penetration
OXYGEN THERAPY is an innovative system that repairs and resurfaces the skin, applying or generating oxygen in the dermis. Revitalises tissues by “TRANSCUTANEOUS PERFUSION”.
• 2% ALMOND OIL: emollient and nourishing.
• 2% ENERGEN: on the skin it triggers a cell energising effect, as it increases ATP of the epidermis, activates its metabolism and consequently oxygen increase, prevents skin fatigue, improves toning, smooths imperfections and increases hydration.
• 0.1% PURE SODIUM HYALURONATE: long-lasting moisturising, filmogenic and texturising effect.
• Toning and firmness.
• Moisturising.
• Stimulation of collagen production.
• Suppression of the damages caused by free radicals.
• Reduction of pores.
Professional product.

10 ampoules, each containing 2 mL

1. Cleanse your face from impurities and make-up.
2. Apply Bijin cleanser cream.
3. Then apply the serum on the face, neck and décolleté.
4. Apply the cream with a gentle upward massage.

For all types of skin.
Dermatologically tested.
Not GMO (not genetically modified).
No BSE (no component of animal origin).

10 treatments

10 x Oxygen Serum 2ml

10 x Oxygen Gel 17ml + 10 x Veil


Products and treatments exclusively designed for Spa, beauty institutes and medical aesthetic centers.100% EFFECTIVE, 100% SAFE, 100% ADAPTABLE products. No GMO (not genetically modified). No BSE (no component of animal origin). PARABEN-free.

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